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Chinese company Winit Information Technology Co was founded in 2012 in Shanghai. They provide worldwide package delivery of goods. The company was founded mainly for partnerships with organizations dealing with e-commerce. The company has a warehouse in China, USA, UK, Germany and Australia and more than 700 employees all over the world. They carry out the whole process of logistics from the online store to the seller. The service has 3 main directions: logistics, finance and information. The mission is to provide the customers on both sides with an effective solution to manage every delivery steps. That helps e-commerce sellers to keep their shipping operations in one place and reduce delivery times for buyers.
The main services are:
  • International deliveries;
  • Delivery of orders from Ebay;
  • Inhouse trade management system WINIT Metropolis.

More information on the company and services can be found on their official website.
Most packages sent via Winit are delivered within claimed delivery times. You can track your package on our tracking website PackageRadar.
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