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Qwintry Logistics is a Russian transport company. They offer logistic services and worldwide delivery for online stores and mail forwarding companies. The company arranges help for e-commerce to find connections all over the world, for postal agents and services that offer buy-out and shipping from the US.
There are two options for partnerships: Qwintry Logistics and Qwintry Fulfillment.
Qwintry Logistics is a service for international delivery.
How it works: the packages from online stores are delivered to company warehouse - logistic hub, then there is customs clearance, then - delivery in destination country to the recipient. Hubs of Qwintry Logistics are located in USA, Germany and China.
Service Qwintry Fulfillment if for those online platforms that need not only delivery, but also to simplify and optimize warehouse resources. Customers are happy with this logistic company - with work processes, processing and delivery times as well as feedback.
To find out where is your package, sent by Qwintry, all you need to do is to type in your tracking number. We help tracing all possible cargo and packages. Welcome!
Qwintry Logistics
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