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Japanese electronics, beauty products and home care products are on the top of the list of the most popular Japanese goods. Thanks to technological progress you can use Japan Post with tracking to order and delivered goods right from Japanese stores and save money at the same time! There’s no wonder that the volume of goods ordered from Japan is growing every year. Japanese vitamins, products for beauty and health are miraculously effective. Most of the cosmetics and home care products are made of natural ingredients. That’s why these products are hypoallergenic and are safe even for babies.
As many other national postal services, Japan Post offers free tracking of packages on their official website. You don’t have to know Japanese to use it - it is translated in English and Portugal. You need to type in package tracking number and you’ll see all the information on the location of your order. Delivery times are hardly predictable, you’ll have to monitor your package and track your order.
For those seeking comfort we recommend PackageRadar service in English to track your Japan Post packages. Register on our website and trust us to track your package. You won’t need to save tracking number or check it on the website all over again. You just type in tracking number once and you’ll be automatically notified on every changes of the location of your package. We sent automatic notifications to email, via Telegram and via Chrome browser extension. PackageRadar gets automatic notifications from Japan Post, leading transport companies and postal services in real time. You can track many packages at once and give them names. Japan Post tracking gets very clear and easy. We cannot influence the work of transport companies, but we can help you to be in the know of what is happening to your package. Buying products from Asia is more secure than ever.
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