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EMPS Express (Shenzhen Express Mail & Parcel Service Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd) is a professional international shipping company that specializes in premium class services. They partner with such well-known express-delivery companies like FedEx, USPS Express, GSSUS, international express delivery Hong Kong, Hong Kong post and so on, the company offers professional, high-quality logistic, transport and warehouse services for partners, online stores and sellers. Their motto is “We do all we can for our customers”. Their priority is high quality, prestige, quality.
The main principles are:
  • Security,
  • Economy that does not affect the quality,
  • Convenience and efficiency,
  • Speed.

In most countries EMPS Express is not well known since not many packages are delivered from China by this shipping company. According to reviews the packages take long time to get delivered because they are shipped by sea. The company mainly ships to the USA. If Chinese seller sent you the order via EMPS Express - do not forget to check delivery times and Buyer Protection expiration time in order to open a dispute and get a refund if the package was not delivered. To be always up-to-day you can use our service PackageRadar. We are here and happy to help.
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