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Flyt Express is one of the leading service providers that offer international post delivery by air. One of the first partners and recommended providers of logistic services from China via eBay. The company offers storage and handling services, express delivery and tracking of postal packages Flyt, as well as order management system. For international operators of e-commerce there are export declaration and refund services. The company uses modern technologies and systems to handle packages. Flyt Express guarantees that all the letters are processed on the day of shipping. Based on systematic monitoring and optimization of airlines the company manages professional, secure and effective logistic services for local and international sellers.
This way seamless delivery and tracking of Flyt packages are guaranteed. To satisfy the demands of multinational sellers for multi-shop projects there are special systems to manage orders. Today Flyt Express wins recognition from such big companies as eBay and PayPal. These companies recommends Flyt Express as the main provider of logistic services. Flyt Express offers not only fast delivery but can also help with customs clearance if needed. Delivery and tracking of Flyt Express unites over 190 countries. This way the service can offer wide network, low price and short delivery times as well as flexibility.
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To know more how to track Flyt Express package you can use international phone number 0086-20-36204922. Other contact information can be found on the website.
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