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Ruston Tracking

Ruston is one of the largest logistics companies in China, that mainly organizes delivery of packages from China to Russia. Logistics routes are closely related to the structures of Russian Post. On the territory of China Ruston has a few big warehouses that handle more than ten thousands per day. In China Ruston partners with large international trade companies like AliExpress, Rufavor, GearBest and many others.
On the territory of Russia, Ruston organizes delivery or registered and unregistered packages and small packets. All orders are processed on the warehouse in China and are prepared according to the requirements of Russian Post. Then most of the packages are delivered to Ekaterinburg and passed on to Russian Post that does last mile delivery of packages in Russian Federation.
Orders that have no updated information on tracking after they are delivered to Ekaterinburg are also passed on to Russian Post. More likely these orders were given to transport company by the seller as unregistered package that’s why Russian Post has no tracking for it and you’ll receive a notification when your package is delivered to your local post office. If you want your package to be trackable all the way to you, you need to make sure that the seller ships your packages as a registered package.
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