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SunYou Tracking

SunYou is an economy delivery method that is very popular on AliExpress. It is usually used by sellers to send low-value packages. The delivery speed is quite low - it takes around 30-60 days. Customers complain about delivery time and sometimes lost packages. If your packages was shipped by SunYou - you need to keep an eye on Buyer Protection Plan expiration date and if the package hasn’t arrived - you need to open a dispute with a seller to get your money back.
You can track your package only up to Chinese border, when the packet is received in destination country it gets a new, unknown tracking number. Then you have to wait a notification from your postal office. These packets are usually delivered right into your post box and sometimes you can get a call from the local post office that you package has arrived.
The main advantage of SunYou is that you can buy something with minimal delivery cost. Disadvantage - it takes a long time to receive a package and there’s a risk that you will not get it at all. You can track all your orders on our website. We use all the possible sources on postal shipments and automatically notify you if there is any change on package location.
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