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Rosan Express is a transport company that is oriented on the delivery of commercial cargo from China to Ukrane. The company is owned by Meest Group Corporation and also owns the major courier service of Ukraine - Meest Express who are professionals on the market of local and international delivery of cargo and packages. Lately the e-commerce overtaken the Internet. Chinese shopping is very popular.
Rosan Express offers shipping by air and sea. Delivery times (air) from Chinese warehouse in Ganzhou to Ukrainian terminal in Lvov are around 9 days plus 1-5 days to deliver the package in any Ukrainian city. Delivery by sea takes longer - from China to Ukraine it usually is around 55-65 days. Delivery in Ukraine is done by Meest Express
Using Rosan Express you get quality service for affordable price. When you get your package unique tracking number you can track it on our PackageRadar website. Welcome!
Rosan Express
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