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Do you like Asian fashion and bright colours? Welcome to online shopping in Malaysia. Traditionally the visitors of Malaysia bring back home unusual jewellery, bright fabric and original souvenirs. But you can buy it all while you’re sitting at home in your favourite chair. Amazing souvenirs, affordable clothing, gadgets and different electronics - you can order all that suits you and pick Malaysia Post to track your packages. This way you’ll know where your package is and how long it’s till it is delivered. Do you want to visit popular shopping malls? Most of them have official websites where you can order things delivered by Malaysia Post shipping service.
The most demanded goods are handmade items from unique Malaysian craftsman. Toys, utensils, figurines - there’s a long list of ideas for unusual gift. Malaysia Post tracks orders all over the world. It means that you can monitor delivery of your packages not only in Malaysia but also all the way to your destination. Whenever it changes its status you’ll be notified of this. Also with PackageRadar’s service tracking of Malaysia post is even more comfortable. You can sign up for notification services to your email or Telegram and keep an eye on your package free of change.
Tracking of Malaysia Post packages is carried out using unique tracking number that every international package has. You can always tell by the identification number of your package that it is shipped by Malaysian postal services. Every tracking number starts with MY letters which means that the package was sent by Malaysian Post. Shipping rates are quite affordable but there are some restrictions. You cannot ship packages with weight that exceeds 10 kg. You can also come across Malaysia Post not only when you purchase in Malaysian stores. When you buy something on you can also use delivery services of this company which is handy when the product that you need is located in Malaysia.
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