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Direct Link is a postal division of PostNord (postal companies of Denmark and Sweden). The company offers services in cargo transportation on european and american e-commerce market. The borders are now opened so everyone can order something from the other part of the world. Direct Link provides transborder postal services. If you are ready to broaden the borders and step into the world of e-commerce outside of your country then you will need a good partner. The mission is to make your business successful by means of quality and fast shipping.
The services Direct Link provides:
  • Delivery of goods to postal box, pickup point or by courier
  • Tracking system is always enabled not matter what shipping option was picked
  • Tracking
  • Feedback on shipments and orders
  • Returns management
  • Customs and taxation services Consultation and solutions on any questions

According to the review from customers in Russia Direct Link is not always manages to keep up with claimed delivery times. Sometimes it takes up to 2 month to get orders delivered. The partner in Russia for Direct Link is Russian Post.
To track your Direct Link shipment you can use not only company’s website but also our PackageRadar service with user-friendly interface. All the information is gathered automatically, the collection of data is carried out from numerous resouces, some of which are not available for general public.
Direct Link
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