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DelLin Tracking

DelLin is a major Russian transport and expedition organization. The company was founded in 2001. The main values of the company are the safety of delivery and tracking of DelLin packages. The company aims for long partnership with its customers. Thanks to great logistic routes and qualified employees, DelLin takes leading position in transport business. The organization created vast network of divisions for fast and safe delivery and tracking of DelLin packages. There are local deliveries in Russia, as well as international to Belarus and Kazakhstan. Tracking of DelLin is available for cargo containers delivered by ground, as well as by airlines. Also mixed type deliveries are available - so you can pick a few methods of delivery for one package - for example by air and by ground. Also the company has a large vehicle park. So there’s different types, modifications and size of vehicles. DelLin has been operating over 14 years delivering packages to many destinations. There are pick-up options to get packages picked up from addressee and delivered to recipient. Express delivery is extremely fast. Tracking of package by DelLin is available on their official website. To secure the contents of your package you can use insurance service provided by DelLin.
The company cares a lot about comfortable partnership for users. For example, there’s a special calculator to find out shipping rate and delivery time for your package before you ship it. After you are registered, you can use use Account. That way you’ll save history of shipments, can exchange messages and documents with your account-manager in the chat.
To track DelLin packages you can also use PackageRadar service. Here you can get automatic notifications for each time your package changes its location.
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