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Daole Logistics Tracking

Daole Logistics (Dao Le International Co.,Ltd) is a young developing Chinese logistic company that was founded in 2011 in Shanghai. The company does local and international logistics, has a few offices, their own auto park, small but effective staff department.
The company is proud of their advantages:
  • small and convenient step to calculate courier delivery (100 gramm);
  • secure and modern delivery to Russia and CIS countries;
  • electronics delivery;
  • small delivery times: to Russia 17-25 days, to remote settlements 30 days.

Official website has Russian language interface. On the website you can track your package using tracking number.
In the Russia Daole company partners with such companies as SDEK and Pony Express. The recipient can get their package delivered to door or to any pick point office.
According to the statistics we can conclude that Daole Logistics has quite high rating, mostly, because they keep delivery times short. But anyway we suggest you keep an eye on the expiration of Buyer Protection Plan and if your package is late - open a dispute with the seller to get a refund.
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