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“Omniva” is an international group, postal service of Baltic countries. Estonian national post is a part of this logistic group. Sub-companies are Maksekeskus in Estonia, Omniva SIF in Latvia, Omniva UAB in Lithuania. This group of companies are the main providers of delivery services for Baltic online commerce. They work as a partner both for seller and for buyers. They have various logistic channels and ability to combine trade and information the way it suits both sides. They offer courier shipping, ordinary mail delivery to postal office and to-door. The whole process is simplified as well due to a large quantity of pickup points and terminals in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The change in everyday life with the use of information technology influences the way people interact, communicate and consume. You can buy products from all over the world, communicate via mobile gadgets, social networks and applications. Omniva always keeps an eye on the changes and upgrades their services, keeping their quality standards high.
Logistic operator contact with all countries in the world. People of Russia and CIS countries often come across Omniva WorkTrace. All the packages to any destinations can be tracked on PackageRadar website. Welcome!
Omniva WorkTrace
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