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Anjun Tracking

Shenzhen Anjun Logistics Co.Ltd (Anjun) is a Chinese logistic company that was founded in 2011. Growth of cross-border market leads to growing number of new logistics companies. Anjun specializes in working with small and medium sellers of electric goods and electronics and offer a wide spectrum of services: from handling and packing and shipping to developing customized logistic solutions.
китайская логистическая компания основана в 2011 году. Увеличение трансграничной торговли приводит к возникновению новых посреднических фирм. Small sellers often use Anjun services expecially to ship prohibited by Chinese post goods such as batteries, perfume and cosmetics. Official website of Anjun - allows to track delivery of your order but only in China. The tracking information can be different from reality - your package can get a tracking number but it won’t be shipped from the warehouse for a long time waiting to be sent.
Since Anjun is a relatively new company and the sellers don’t use its services that often, we do not have enough data to evaluate company's reliability. The information that we have shows that there’s around 50 and 50 percent of happy and dissatisfied customers - some customers got their package in 16 days, but some didn’t get it after 120 days. Do not forget to keep an eye on Buyer Protection Plan expiration date and open a dispute in time if your package is late or lost - that way you can get your money back.
We can track packages sent by this delivery services: