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bPost China Tracking

bPost China is not very popular delivery method that chinese sellers use to deliver goods from Aliexpress to Russia, Ukraine, Greece and other countries. The shipping is carried out by Belgian post. To Belgium the packages are delivered by a transport company.
bPost is one of the leading postal operators in Belgium that provides various services. The main area of work is operations with general public, postal and financial services. Working internationally bPost offers services to business projects, partners with e-commerce representatives from different countries, including China.
From China to Russia the packages are delivered within 30 days. Small packets are not always trackable as they are so called “unregistered” shipments, that change tracking number when crossing the border. All you can do is to expect a notification from the local post office. If you don’t want to loose your money - make sure you know when your delivery times are expiring. If the package is late you can always contact the seller and get a refund. But most of the bPost packages usually arrive in time.
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