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Canada Post Tracking

Canada Post is a national postal operator that provides delivery of packages, packets, letters all over the country and worldwide. The company offers and aims to keep up good work, quality service, innovative solutions. They alway work on developing e-services that will bring comfort to their customers, employees and all Canadians.
The main services of Canada Post are:
  • Shipping of packages locally and internationally;
  • Courier delivery;
  • Stamps emission;
  • Internet store.

When you expect your package sent by Canada post you can track it on the official website or on our PackageRadar portal. All you need to have is a tracking number for your shipment. We have a real-time tracking on our website, all information on the package status is gathered and sent to our users. You can get notifications on your email, Telegram or using a plug-in for Chrome browser. Enjoy our free service!
We can track packages sent by this delivery services: